how we like to work

close attention and customer service

We are bilingual in Spanish, speak and understand some Italian, and do poorly in French, sorry.  But our real language is attention.  We look and then look again, then take pictures, make notes and then talk to our client if they are there, and finally maybe revise our original impression in light of all this attention:  it produces real results.  The questions and impressions of our client can play an important role in arriving at a good solution.

pictures and notes

We take way more pictures than we could put into the report and we often head to the nearest coffee shop after leaving a house to look at them and form conclusions.  Because not everything is completely visible and we put the real picture together from many pieces, especially in an older home that has undergone phases of renovation.

we teach

Practice and theory feed each other and we have been privileged to teach at Miami Dade College.  (Home Inspection 120 hours.  Estimating for Construction 8 hours.  Blueprint Reading 12 hours.  Project Management in Construction 30 hours.  Methods and Materials in Construction 30 hours) as well as other courses like Estimating for Construction.