an attic in a Miami old home inspection

professional home inspectors are trained to observe and compare

Pool Inspection in Miami, FL from Graham Building Inspections

A first look can miss important details

We look deeper than surface, not to take a house apart, but to give you the client as clear a view of things as possible in a short time.

Roof Inspection from Graham Buildling Inspections

up on the roof

Roofs, attics, crawlspaces under floors, the insides of electric panels:  you hire us to go there.

more than one kind of inspection

the general inspection

A typical property inspection includes roof, structure, plumbing, electrical and HVAC.  We are familiar with Miami houses built today, or in the 1920's

the insurability inspection

This specialized property inspection produces the Four Point and WIndstorm Mitigation reports, serving the insurance broker.

The inspection for investors and developers

We are residential building contractors and we have renovated or built houses in the Miami area.  We can meet the special needs of the professional buyer.